Happy birthday !

Come and join us from 29th of May 2021 to 27th of June 2021 and enjoy......

Cultural events with the haitian artists of BAMBOCH LAKAY 

 International Francophonie Day (March 20) - French Language and Francophonie Week (March 17-25)


"International Francophonie Day on March 20 and the 23rd edition of French Language and Francophonie Week from March 17 to 25, will, like every year, provide an opportunity for French speakers around the world to celebrate the French language in all its diversity. More than 1,500 events will take place during the week, involving 70 countries.
The theme of International Francophonie Day this year will be “The French language, connecting for action.”
French Language and Francophonie Week, coordinated by the Ministry of Culture, will highlight the role and use of the spoken word in society. 500 bookstores, dozens of associations, libraries, schools, universities, museums, theaters as well as hospitals will host events. Our Cooperation and Cultural Action Network, in close coordination with the Ministry for National Education, the Instituts français, the Alliances françaises, French-language schools, and all French culture and education stakeholders will host events abroad during French Language and Francophonie Week. "*

Who are we ?

BAMBOCH LAKAY, a French- Haitian socio-cultural organization, was created in 1991 with the objective to promote Haitian Culture.

The organization is involved in areas as varied as Education, Social Integration, Artistic Creation, Dance, Theatre, Music, Song, etc. …

Located in the Val de Marne in Villeneuve Saint Georges, France, BAMBOCH LAKAY is active throughout Metropolitan France.

The organization’s primary objective presently is to build an industrial arts school in Haiti in the city of Grenier-Fessard.

Several cultural and artistic events have been planned to support the construction and development of the school.

Social-cultural activities 

Become a member and benefit from the advantages of the volunteer passport :

- Access to training offered by our partners
- Become trained in administrative intervention to assist Haitian immigrants experiencing difficulty
- Participate in the construction and development of the industrial school in Haiti


- Internships in dance 

We teach haitian  dances such as Rara, Contre-Danse,  Koumbit. Also sacred dance : 
Pétro (fire ou warrior dance),   Congo (dance for lovers),  
Nago, (dance that expresses freedom) 
  (dance of the snake )


- Internship in Drama :
-Participate as a touring artist with BAMBOCH LAKAY Theatre 

 Internship in traditional Haitian songs and drums  :

Try and play with our special haitian drums :
String drums from Haïti , 
Haitian voddoo drummings,
Bonga ,
Sanza , 

Haïti Yesterday ,Haïti Today

 SAVE THE DATE IN 2021  to attend to our Annual Debates, Concerts, Buffet dining, exhibitions

14th February : a special tea-time at Valentine's Day  at 4.30 Paris time

21/24th January : Nights of reading

April :Toussaint Louverture Festival

18th May : Haitian Flagship Day 

19/20th June : Seminar to celebrate the 30 years of the association

18th November : Vertières Battle

Our team  

René PIERRE President and Founder of BAMBOCH LAKAY with a few members of the association. 

René PIERRE, President&Founder ,Kerline PAUL, Vice-President

 Doctor Daniel TALLEYRAND  and Annie TALLEYRAND, BAMBOCH LAKAY’s Friends’ Club Founder and member

Husmise ITOUMOU & Marie-Danièle JEAN-LOUIS, Steering Committee members

  Jouseline D'HAITI,  Steering Committee member

Meme FRITZNEL,                      Communication           Department

Bamboch Lakay Friend's Club  

Doctor Daniel TALLEYRAND, President and Founder of BAMBOCH LAKAY Friend's Club. His own poetry are played by the artists of the association.
He also collaborates in conferences and round-tables on Haïti.

 Doctor Daniel TALLEYRAND  and Annie TALLEYRAND, his wife BAMBOCH LAKAY’s Friends’ Club Founder and members.

Coming soon  !

December 2021 : launch of a play on The History of Haiti from the Taïnos  Indian era to the payment of the debt for independence !

René PIERRE is working on this project since  2017 (article page 5 Villeneuve Saint Georges newspaper …)

In 1998 : participation of  Bamboch Lakay  150 anniversary of abolition of slavery in  la Villette …Paris

2017  another article ,  page 13  Villeneuve Saint Georges…newspaper 

Article by Le Parisien newspaper

A video extract of the play at Conseil Général du Val de Marne

Deutsche in Haïti....

Bamboch Lakay soziokulturelle Vereinigung Franco haitianischen fördert das immaterielle kulturelle und historische Erbe bei jungen Menschen seit 32 Jahren.
Sie betont auch den Einfluss der haitianischen Kultur auf die deutsche Bevölkerung in Haiti: Theater, Musik, Geschichten, Gesang sind unsere Ausdrucksmittel.
Haitianische Schriftsteller wurden ins Deutsche übersetzt.