1977 : primary school built by René PIERRE

Draft of the school we want to build

Charity auctions and events organised to support the project 

The idea of building an industrial school emerged after two travels of the association in Haïti, to help people after the  2010  Haiti earthquake (Tuesday, 12th January).

Artistic collaboration & partnership

        Duet with  Casseus Fritzner ,                       Alliance Française,Paris 

With Michel HILGER  Chorus  

          Maison du Conte, France

In France & Europe  

In Düsseldorf, Germany   

Club UNESCO de Haute Saintonge, France 

Fèt Haiti in Culemborg, Netherlands

The Flagship day in Belgium 

Classical music and drums, Manoir de Liss, England

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Support the building of an industrial arts school in Grenier-Fessard (Haiti)A French- Haitian socio-cultural organization.

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